Biskey Ponds Ski Trail Update March 06, 2018

Even though we missed out on the snowstorm this week a great report from groomer John was received today –

“I tracked the trails today. The trail is very good to excellent. The tracking got rid of almost all of the trail debris(leaves, twigs, needles etc) and ice.”


Biskey Ponds Ski Trail Update February 25, 2018

Biskey trails were groomed this afternoon. Conditions may be a bit soft today but should firm up nicely tonight when the temps cool down.

If you come across a bungee out on the trail please take it to the trailhead and leave it by the map box. Let me know with a return email if you do so. It belongs to the groomers. Thanks!

Get out and enjoy the best trails in the area!

Biskey Ponds Ski Trail Update February 21, 2018

Lots of of snow and freshly groomed trails await you at Biskey today. Groomer Keith says that conditions are AWESOME!

If the parking lot is not yet plowed when you arrive please park down at the dam and jump onto the tracks across the road that lead you to the trailhead. Plowing will be done sometime today so let’s please keep cars out of the way until the job is done. Thanks for your cooperation.

Get out and enjoy the best trails in the area!

Biskey Ponds Ski Trail Update February 5, 2018

It sounds like conditions are getting pretty good. Please park so that log hauling equipment can get in and out through the open gate.

Groomer John’s report from February 5….

“I was able to do a double track around Wolf Run (a few dirty spots remain from trucks) and I double tracked the hill also, but the logger still has some wood at the bottom of the hill. White Pine, Birch Ridge and Eagle View seem to be in nice shape.”

Biskey Ponds Ski Trail Update January 13, 2018

Logging is still underway beyond our main trail which means Wolf Run is an active logging road that is accessed through the parking lot. If you come out, parking on the roadside or down at the dam is recommended. While it is less than ideal conditions getting yourself down the first hill at the trailhead you will find the other loops have been groomed. While we do not have any firsthand skier reports yet, here is groomer John’s report from January 12 ….

“I groomed White Pine, Birch and Eagle this midday. I think they are pretty skiable. With this little snow it is hard to get a really straight track but coverage is pretty good. I ran into the loggers while grooming and they have their equipment moved out to the trailhead and have 5 or so loads of wood to haul yet. I was able to get a pseudo track down the space between the tire tracks on Wolf, maybe 30% of the road.”

Biskey Ponds Ski Trail Update Dec 16 2017

Logging is underway beyond our main trail, Wolf Run. Wolf Run is a road for the logger. The last update from the County is that the logging should be done in early January.

Aside from that, we need more snow before any trails are ready for skiing.

If you want to get out you might find lake skiing to be good. For conditions at other ski trails, take a look at

We will let you know when we are skiing. Do your snow dance!!&t=ffnt&atb=v70-1_z&ia=videos&iax=videos&iai=aLELsl9CKXk