BISKEY SKI TRAIL January 26, 2017

John Bergstrom’s grooming report from January 25

I groomed today and went over all the trails 2 or 3 times. The snow took a great track and there are no bare spots except on eagle ridge. I did not ski the track but it looks very good. Remember Biskey is classic only. I would ski this with my good skis and be a bit careful on eagle ridge.

Joan’s ski report January 26

The ½” of snow that we received last night is adhering well to the tracks. Nice gliding this morning. I only had a chance to ski Wolf Run but it was very good.

Trail Directions

Many of you caught my error at the beginning of the season email with regard the trail directions. Here is the correction: please note that trails flow clockwise on the hilly sections of White Pine, Birch Ridge and Eagle Ridge. Refer to the attached map or grab one at the trailhead.

Have fun skiing on the best trails in the area!

Biskey Pond Ski Trail Map with Directional Jan 2017.pdf

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