New One-Way Trail Segments and More


Changes in scenery from the logging at the end of last year is not the only difference you will notice out at Biskey this ski season!  You will also see new maps with one-way directional routing on certain trails.  This is due to a safety concern of head-on collisions with an increasing number of skiers on the trail system in conjunction with the step hills and limited sight distance.  You can see the new clockwise directions in the above map, and new, better-quality maps will be posted with the new directions around the trail system.  The foldable maps are already at the trailhead.  The “Trail Descriptions” webpage of this website has also been updated to accommodate the new info.

Also, Pine Meadow Loop will be closed again this season, along with Biskey Ponds Loop.  Both are slated for future construction.  Watch the website for this as we will need volunteers.  Happy skiing!

Jason Miller

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